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From the meeting between Glassfer, with the experience of more than 70 years in the field of flat glass processing, and Sunage, quality producer of increasingly innovative photovoltaic panels in the Swiss and European markets for more than ten years, a revolutionary product was born, a product that can change the way to design buildings and houses.


high performance

guaranteed quality



Suncol is a BIPV technology, a next-generation photovoltaic panel that seamlessly integrates into the building envelope and which, with high energy performance, combines estheticity and flexibility of use.
It’s available in five color variants, green moss, anthracite gray, light gray, terracotta and medium brown, both matt and polished. It’s available in the “Frameless laminate” and “framed” version with a 40 mm frame in the same color as the laminate.
For both of these versions, you can choose the Glass-Glass solution (7.5 mm thick)
or the cheapest Glass-Foil solution (3.2 mm + 0.8 mm).

Thanks to the great process flexibility of the companies, dimensions and color can be studied in the design phase.


designed by Glassfer & Sunage


Glassfer S.r.l.
Via S.Maurizio,66 – 22036 ERBA (CO) – Italy
Tel. +39 031 610344
Fax. +39 031 610380
P.IVA 00020970133


Sunage SA
Corso San Gottardo, 54B
6830 Chiasso (CH)
Tel. +41(0) 91 64.68.933
Fax +41(0) 91 64.68.934

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